In addition to regular Sozo ministry, we now offer a few more types of Sozo ministry.
You can book any of these sessions here, on our front page scheduler.

Praying for the Brain is offered online via Zoom. 

This ministry is for children or adults who are not learning well, people who are recovering from stroke or brain injury, adults with memory problems, or people who want to improve their brain in general. 

For more information about Praying for the Brain, please visit Jeffrey Barch’s website

If you would like to schedule a Praying for the Brain session, please email

Sozo en Español

Para programar una cita del ministerio de Sozo en Español, haga clic aquí y programa tu sesión.

Children's Sozo

Children's Sozo

We are now offering Sozo ministry for Children ages 5-17. 

Please contact to schedule a Sozo for your child.

Financial Sozo uses the Bethel Sozo tools to address the root of unhealthy financial cycles and incorrect beliefs related to money, identity, and purpose. It can find faulty beliefs holding you back in your financial journey and reveal the truth needed for lasting change in your life. As time permits, it can also develop a personalized action plan for walking out your healing.

Financial Sozo requires a Bethel Sozo session before setting up a Financial Sozo session.

Deborah Enomoto, facilitator for Financial and Boundaries Sozo sessions, is a Certified Financial Sozo Facilitator and a Bethel Transformation Center Pastoral Counselor. 

She is passionate about helping people secure their connection to God so that they can access God’s intentions and strategies for understanding their identity in Him in order to apprehend and steward the prosperity God has for them.

Come and encounter God through art!

Art Sozo is a way of connecting to God through paint and color. As in traditional Sozo, you will have the opportunity to release lies and gain truth.  Using art will help bypass your logical mind and help you tap into the emotional brain for deep healing. This is all done in a group setting that is created as a safe place to allow you to hear from God and receive what He has to say.  No artistic skill required!  

The Art Sozo workshop are 3 hours in length and all supplies are included in the cost.

When we offer the workshop, register here. 

Katy Barsch, the facilitator of the Art Sozo workshop, has been involved in Art Sozo since 2015 assisting and leading workshops, as well as training Art Sozo. 

I find that I can get in touch with deep emotions while I paint-out my feelings and then allow God to come and touch those places of wounding and lies.  The art work that I create then reminds me of His truth so that I continue to process truth and receive comfort. 

In a Substance Abuse Counseling session, we ask the Holy Spirit to help identify triggers and root causes, lead you into personal discovery, and motivation for change. Homework is required.

Substance Abuse Counseling sessions are available in person or online.