Basic Sozo Training

Saturday, September 18, 2021
9am-5pm | Folsom, CA

Are you wanting to learn the Sozo tools to help people connect with God, heal, and live free? 

The Basic Sozo Training is for anyone who is wanting to be on a Sozo ministry team, start a Bethel Sozo ministry team, or gain tools to use in pastoral counseling, prayer, healing, or deliverance ministry. 

You may attend in-person or online via Zoom. 

Prosperous Soul with Stephen K. De Silva

Friday & Saturday, October 29-30, 2021
Friday: 7-9pm • Saturday 10am-9pm

If you just stepped into a windfall of wealth, are digging out of debt, or your budget is steady – and you are wondering about financial purpose and well-being, and how it relates to the health of your soul, this is for you. 

Stephen K. De Silva’s teaching, tools, and resources are pure gold in Kingdom economics.
Stephen’s teaching style is brilliant, educational, inspirational, and practical.

For more information about Stephen K. De Silva Ministries, visit his website at stephenkdesilva.com.